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Dr. Joseph Sciotto DMD

Eastern Long Island dentist, Joseph Sciotto

Dr. Joseph Sciotto, DMD

I Absolutely Love Working With My Hands

“My father was a dentist and when I was a teen he invited me to visit his lab and spend time observing what he did. I loved it because I got to work with my hands, which I’m passionate about.”

And that was it. Dr. Sciotto knew that this was the direction he was going to take his life.

A Top Student with a Heart of Gold

Dr. Sciotto went to Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston knowing the clean atmosphere, newest technology and the wonderful people would help sculpt an incredible education. “Once I visited Tufts, I actually cancelled my other interviews knowing that it was perfect for me.”

Graduating in 1993, Dr. Sciotto remembers how good it felt to be a top student in his histology class, especially when the time came to get his licensing. “I really enjoyed NERBS testing, where we performed procedures for proctors. It was a very memorable experience for me.”

During his last year in dental school, Dr. Sciotto was honored to help treat the dependents of the active duty Coast Guard. “I loved the experience of helping the families and enjoyed the weather in Alaska.”

Soon after graduating, Dr. Sciotto began practicing with his father, the very man who led him into his career. Years later, he still practices with the same passion he did after graduation.

Living on The Wild Side of Weather

Dr. Sciotto is a weather fanatic. “I love chasing storms, specifically hurricanes and dream of the day I can finish the book I am writing and share my adventures with everyone.”

Married with four children, Dr. Sciotto enjoys spending time with his family. “We get along great and love going on vacations. We also enjoy playing tennis and riding bikes together.”

“I absolutely love helping patients like you and I’d love to help you transform your smile! Give us a call so we can setup a time to see how we can help.” (631) 722-5478
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