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Meet The Doctors of Eastern Long Island

Eastern Long Island dentist, Joseph Sciotto

Dr. Joseph Sciotto, DMD

Dr. Joseph Sciotto

“My father was a dentist and when I was a teen he invited me to visit his lab and spend time observing what he did. I loved it because I got to work with my hands, which I’m passionate about.”
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Eastern Long Island Dentist Joseph Trapani

Dr. Joseph Trapani

Dr. Joseph Trapani

“I’ve always loved talking to people and working with my hands. After college I finally realized that dentistry was for me and now as a Eastern Long Island dentist, I’m here to help make you comfortable and ensure you enjoy your time here with us.”
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Eastern Long Island Dentist, Dr. Tom Gioscia

Dr. Tom Gioscia

Dr. Tom Gioscia

After originally planning on going to medical school, visiting his father’s friend at his dental office changed Dr. Gioscia’s career path. “I loved what I saw, I had this feeling that I was meant to help. Overall, dentistry intrigued me and here I am today.”
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Eastern Long Island Dentist serving Riverhead, East End

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