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Dr. Joseph Trapani

Eastern Long Island Dentist Joseph Trapani

Dr. Joseph Trapani

“I’ve always loved talking to people and working with my hands. After college I finally realized that dentistry was for me and now as an Eastern Long Island dentist, I’m here to help make you comfortable and ensure you enjoy your time here with us.”

Hard Work and Dedication

Dr. Trapani enjoyed his experience attending NYU College of Dentistry. He was the first dentist in his family and the first person to graduate from college. “I figured it out on my own! I was really surprised at the hard work and dedication it took, paying my way through school working 2 jobs.” Graduating as a Dentist and helping people made it all worth it for Dr. Trapani.

“I see every day as a learning experience. I keep an open mind to each and every person that walks through our doors and I do whatever it takes to help!”

Lighthearted and Ready to Help

Dr. Trapani is an expert at making patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit. “I’ll keep it light and fun while you’re in the chair. We can talk about things that interest you and excite you. Not only do I like to get to know you, but it makes our time together more enjoyable.”

Adventures in Learning

Dr. Trapani enjoys learning from Dr. Sciotto each day. “He is an excellent teacher and example for me and every day I get to join in and take part in this wonderful adventure.”

“With our high-tech office I get to really get hands on with the design and look of restorations. The fact that we can make everything right here in our office is incredible!”

Enjoying the Beauty of Eastern Long Island

As Dr. Trapani had previously worked in another community, he’s enjoying working with Dr. Sciotto and Dr. Gioscia. “Being here has allowed me to rediscover my joy, spend time with my family, and enjoy travel again. I get to refresh and redefine myself in this new role.”

“I absolutely love what I do! And, I’d love to meet you and see how I can help enhance your life through your dental health. Give us a call today so we can setup a time to meet.” (631) 722-5478
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